Welcome to Liquid Planet and Pangea!

We believe strongly in our people and teamwork....they are by far the greatest asset!  We all work closely together everyday from the newest employee to our marketing department to our owners.  We're proud of our team and with multiple company divisions, 7 Liquid Planet beverage shops, 2 Liquid Planet Grille restaurant locations, and the new Pangea 2-floor restaurant in downtown Missoula, we all work diligently to collectively maintain an amazingly positive culture and a strong unified vision.   Yes, that sounds fancy to read but we truly take it damn seriously.  We invite only the best and most passionate beverage and food enthusiasts to join our team to ensure we stay true to this vision and culture. 

If you have what it takes to be considered as part of our growing team, please click on the appropriate link at the bottom of this page to enter our super fancy dancy online application process.  Hint: if you want to be noticed....quality cover letters are important...believe us, we do read them. 

Some Company Facts You Might Like To Learn:

  • We are 100% Missoula owned, and operate two main companies, all with a total of approx 100 MisSOULians:
  1. Pangea Restaurant Group which develops and oversees Pangea, The Barrel Room, and Stave & Hoop located in downtown Missoula.  
  2. Liquid Planet....comprised of 7 Liquid Planet beverage shops, 2 Liquid Planet Grille restaurant locations, our online websites and social media, and our branded LP beverage product wholesale division.
  • Liquid Planet started in 2003, with Pangea opening in 2020.  We're not a franchise, so we can build and grow in anyway we choose to do.  Every employee has true value from the very beginning of their employment....you can actually have a say and be part of something, have instant influence on how we operate or even bring a new idea to the company, simply because you have fresh eyes and a passion for beverage, food, and business.
  • We're always seeking great people with the natural DNA for this type of business, regardless if we currently have an opening.  As cliche as it sounds, we're in the people business first, beverage business second.  Thus we feel strongly that our most important task is surrounding ourselves with like-minded, professional enthusiasts who naturally give impactful and pro-active service to every single customer.
  • Since we are a growing company focused on long term results and longevity, we focus on the strengths and natural talent of each employee, ensuring they are on the 'right seat on the bus'.  We encourage employees to cross-train and work at multiple locations if they like.  And we love to promote from within, providing performance based opportunities for those who naturally lead and want to learn and grow personally and professionally. 
  • We love hiring long-term FULL TIME people!  Yes, we do have part-time positions however most of our positions are full time.  We strive to provide people with one quality full-time position they love that balances work and life than have numerous part-time employees working multiple jobs to make ends meet.

 By applying for any position, and by reading all this legal mumbo-jumbo below, you agree to the following:
 • I understand that Liquid Planet and Pangea is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and that the information contained in this application will not be used to discriminate against any applicant on any basis prohibited by law.
 • I expressly authorize Liquid Planet and Pangea and/or its representatives to verify any information contained in this application, through public information, or in any personal resume I provide.
 • I certify that the information I have provided in order to apply for and secure employment is true, and that I am legally eligible for employment in the US. 

  This link may used to apply for a part to full time kitchen position at the new Pangea restaurant in downtown Missoula.  


This link may be used to apply for FULL and PART TIME positions (barista, retail, kitchen, etc.) at any time for Liquid Planet and Liquid Planet Grille locations in Missoula.   

Full time is anyone seeking 30-40 hours per week, working 4-5 days a week, and with full availability, with no school or other obligations that affect your ability to work days, nights, or weekends.  Part time usually means at least 3 days a week.